Hemp Heart & Spinach Pesto

Tonight we made the most delicious pesto!

I wanted to add an extra healthy-boost to a traditional recipe… since we have basil growing in the garden, pesto was the obvious choice. I decided to add in hemp hearts to replace pine nuts, and spinach for added nutrition. (mmm eat those leafy greens!) The result was perfection!

I just love using hemp in recipes: Hemp hearts have a great nutty taste & pack in the nutrition! Hemp hearts are a great source of protein & healthy fats… keeping you fuller longer!



Hemp Heart & Spinach Pesto

 ½ cup help hearts

½ cup high quality olive oil

Garlic… 1-2 cloves of as much as your heart desires!

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1-2 cup basil

1-3 cup fresh spinach

cherry tomato to top

& of course…LOVE!

 Optional: Nutrition yeast (vegan) or grated cheese.

  1. Add ingredients to a food processor & mix until pesto reaches desired consistency (ours was a little crunchy…but sometimes we like it smooth!).
  1. Serve over pasta, quinoa, rice, gnocchi … or anything really!
  2. Enjoy!